Santa Fe Retirement


Must Read Classics

Mayordomo - Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico
A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a small New Mexico Farm
–Stanley Crawford
You can buy vegetables, and certainly garlic from Crawford at the Farmer’s Market each year but you’ll have a much greater appreciation for what went into growing it. Both non fiction books are insightful to the hard work and water management that sustained the earliest Santa Feans and continues to do so today through farmers like Crawford.

House Made of Dawn
–N. Scott Momaday
Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1969- a young Native American man returns home to New Mexico after serving in a foreign war.

The Milagro Beanfield War
–John Nichols
This fictional account of locals versus big developers over the issue of water in the high desert has never been more timely. In Santa Fe county the issues of water and development are hotter than ever in the new millennium.

Death Comes for the Archbishop
–Willa Cather
Read this classic for an insightful account of the impact the Roman Catholic clergy had in New Mexico during the 19th century.

The Woman at Otowi Crossing
–Frank Waters
The mystical converges with the atomic world in this story based on the life of Edith Warner who ran a tea house near Los Alamos prior to it becoming the home of the first atom bomb.

Santa Fe Community

Santa Fe: Turn Left at the Sleeping Dog: Scripting the Santa Fe Legend 1920-1955
–John Pen La Farge
La Farge grew up in Santa Fe and brought an intimacy to this collection of interviews with the locals who lived in the city when it was still ‘inaccessible’, before the Interstate connected it with the Albuquerque airport.

Santa Fe: History of an Ancient City
–David Grant Noble
Archival photographs, maps and scholarly essays give a broad historic look at Santa Fe as it grew into the mid-19th century.

Santa Fe on Foot
–Elaine Pinkerton/Eli Levin, illustrator
An historic guide to Santa Fe you can only discover by slowing down and walking.

Arts & Culture

The Essence of Santa Fe: From a Way of Life to a Style
–Jerilou Hammett, Kingsley Hammett, Peter Sholtz
‘The true Santa Fe is a way of life; it's not a style.’ This book goes to the root of what makes the city Different, taking a look at the creativity that grew from a simple, sustainable way of life in northern New Mexico.

Literary Pilgrims: The Santa Fe and Taos Writer’s Colonies 1917-1950
–Lynn Cline
Writers and poets helped put Santa Fe on the map when their enthusiastic accounts of life in New Mexico were published, fanning the flames of Santa Fe as a unique destination.

The Myth of Santa Fe
–Chris Wilson
How did Santa Fe emerge from a ‘declining provincial capital’ to a top tourist destination? It was not a fluke but a successful, at least by the standards of commerce, merger of rich cultural traditions and enthusiastic newcomers.

Georgia O'Keeffe and New MexicoGeorgia O’Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place
–Barbara Buhler Lynes, Lesley Poling–Kempes, and Frederick W. Turner

The connection between landscape, art and abstraction that distinguishes northern New Mexican through the iconic works of Georgia O’Keeffe.

New Mexico Style: A Sourcebook
–Nancy Hunter Warren
Informative and inspirational photography of architectural details from New Mexico houses. The book highlights the idiosyncratic touches that make a New Mexico home unlike any other.

Santa Fe Style
–Christine Mather and Sharon Woods
This book offers a brief history and abundant images that show the architectural influences and evolution of Santa Fe Style as it peaked in the mid-1980’s/early 1990’s. An indispensable coffee table book that continues to be an inspirational resource for creative interiors.